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All the tabs represented on this site are not intended to be accurate or official tabs for the artist. They are my personal selection of the best tabs I could find of complete flamenco guitar solos. The goal of Sal's Flamenco Soapbox is to provide a valuable resource for musicians who want to improve their guitar playing skills. These tabs are freely available on the Internet and come from a variety of sources. They are NOT my work. Since I did not write them out I cannot give advice on them.


Copyright and "Fair Use"

The copyright for the original music remains with the artists. These tabs are intended for Study, Skill Development, Research and Scholarship purposes only, as allowed for in Section 107 of the Copyright Act (The "Fair Use" provision). I do not seek to violate copyrights and have no desire to contribute to any activity that results in a reduction of income for the original artists. On the contrary. It is my firm belief that presenting these tabs here not only serves to increase the general public's awareness of flamenco as an art form, but also highlights the talents of the individual artists. My sole purpose is to promote flamenco and to actively encourage the purchase of related CDs and books by the flamenco artists presented here.


In the eight years that these tabs have appeared on this site, I have not received a single complaint from any artist or music publisher. However, if you are the copyright owner of any music presented here and wish to have any tabs removed from this archive, please contact me and I will happily remove it.


About this flamenco tab collection

Be aware that the accuracy of some of these transcriptions is not guaranteed. The people who write up these flamenco tabs may have their own ideas about how to present them.


For example, if a set of 4 Sevillanas is written as one continuous tab, the resulting standard notation part will look like a dog's breakfast of sharps and flats. Why? Because Sevillanas changes key with each copla in the set. If the tabber is madly just putting in notes without regard for these key changes you can assume they can't read standard notation or don't care what it looks like as long as it sounds sort of roughly OK.


I personally take great care when writting out my sheet music to make sure everything is accurate and well presented, including key changes and capo position indications. It grieves me to see flamenco tabs that are messy. But that's not my problem. While many of the tabs are accurate and well written, you have to accept the good with the bad. It's not a matter of "buyer beware" but more a matter of you get what you pay for. In this case, you paid nothing. The only way to get accurate transcriptions is to buy the retail version of this sheet music from the original publishers.



I presented these tabs here as a organized collection in the interests of:

1) research and for educational purposes

2) to promote the recorded work of the original artists.



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