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Flamenco history

Flamenco history

Flamenco had a painful birth
Flamenco had it's beginnings during a turbulent time in Spanish history. When persecuted people are cast out of their homes and told to leave the country or else, it's no surprise that there would be a lot of anguish and personal suffering in the air. When outcasts of different cultures and religions flee their oppressors one can expect a certain amount of communication between them, despite their differences. It was a time of day to day survival and an uncertain future. Left to their own devices in a peaceful world, these people would have simply lived their lives and passed into obscurity unnoticed.

But certain unpleasant events forced people of unlike cultural backgrounds (Moslems, Jews and Gypsies) to become allies of a sort with a common enemy at their heels. It's an interesting fact that despite the political events that shape history, it is not the actual events or the rulers and conquerors that are best remembered. It is the creative products left behind that have the greatest impact on us, long after all the powerful rulers have passed away. Who really cares about Kings and Queens and all the political intrigues during their lifetimes.

What has a lasting effect on future generations is the art. It's the architecture, songs, literature and other tangible evidence of how people lived and related to each other that we are generally most interested in when we look back at history. It is through the art that we gain an insight into how previous generations expressed themselves emotionally and spiritually. It is through the visual art, the written words and the songs that were passed down through the generations that we come closer to understanding what their dreams and aspirations were. These are the things that have the most value.

Flamenco is sometimes described as the folk art of the poor. More poignantly, flamenco music can be defined as an expression of the human condition. Therefore, it is not surprising to know that the intense sorrow expressed in the original flamenco song forms is a reflection of the conditions faced by the people at the time of it's birth.


Enough preamble.

It's time to open your history books.

Now don't complain.

You want to learn how flamenco started don't you?  

Just pretend you're watching an adventure movie.


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