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Dance Classes - Australia

Casa de Flamenco
(South Australia) Casa de Flamenco is the home of flamenco dance, guitar and Spanish language in the South of Adelaide. Offering fun, high quality classes with dynamic teachers trained in Spain. Experience the arts and culture offered through flamenco dance classes, guitar classes and Spanish language classes in a comfortable and relaxed environment with ocean views. Classes by Kristy Manuel. Guitar by Aloysius Leeson. Kristy and Aloysius also offer authentic performances for all occasions and events as Chispa Flamenca
. Casa de Flamenco is located at 5 Wandana Ave Seaview Downs.

Valeda Flamenco
(South Australia) Velada Flamenco is an exciting, & progressive new company. Virtuosos of fiery percussive rhythms, their performances are stirring and compelling. A company of talented and experienced dancers and musicians, Velada are inspired by the undeniable passion of flamenco. Guitar, percussion, flute, piano, viola, & song provide a rich musical landscape for the quintet of impressive dancers who blend staccato footwork with moments of sensitivity and aire.

Teatro del Mundo
(South Australia) Teatro del Mundo flamenco redefines flamenco for English speaking audiences. Flamenco dancer/choreographer Liana Vargas leads this AWARD winning company with over 20 years International performance and teaching experience. Liana teaches flamenco in Adelaide City and Adelaide Hills as well as regional centres around SA...

Studio Flamenco
(South Australia) Studio Flamenco is Adelaide's newest and most exciting flamenco school for children and adults. Flamenco Dancers and Teachers: Emma Fernée and Susi Dunlop. Both Emma and Susi have many years of experience as flamenco dance teachers and performers and have trained extensively in Sevilla, Spain, the heart of flamenco and nationally...

Flamenco Dance by Areti
(South Australia) Adelaide's premier Flamenco dance school offering professional dance tuition with live guitar accompaniment. A treasure of the Flamenco scene, Flamenco Dance By Areti have won a devoted following.

Triana flamenco dance studio
(South Australia) The home of authentic, Flamenco and Spanish Dance in Adelaide. Director - Veronica Vargas, lived and worked in Triana for several years. A powerful and exciting dancer.

Dance Classes - USA and UK
New York Center For Flamenco Performing Arts
A non-profit organization, NYCFPA/ArtsFlamenco, promotes the art of Flamenco through adult dance classes, youth education programs and live performances.

Deborah Greenfield
Deborah Greenfield and Rosa Negra Flamenco. Flamenco fusion dancer and choreographer. Dance for film and theatre. Info, photo and video galleries. In English, Spanish and French.

Bianca Antonia
personal website of Houston-based flamenco dancer Bianca Antonia. Contains bio, show and class dates.

Flamenco Performances in New York
An informational site listing current and upcoming performances of Flamenco dance and music in the Metropolitan New York area. It also features links to artists' sites, venues and other useful Flamenco information. ...

Sandra La Espuelita

Flamenco Dancer London UK

Flamenco Pasión
Top UK Company and European Flamenco Dance Agency. This is a specialist Flamenco Agency staffed entirely by flamenco professionals.



Aloysius Leeson
(South Australia) Aloysius has been active for many years playing for the major dance schools and performance groups in Adelaide.

Florian Remus Daian
(South Australia) Florian is a guitarist whose progress in the last few years has been simply phenomenal. He regularly plays with the various dance schools and performing groups in Adelaide.
Pepe el Tiburon

An excellent flamenco guitarist who taught me the basics of technique when he visited Australia. I owe this man a great deal. Pepe is now residing in Malta.

Steve Homes
Widely regarded as one the best and most original flamenco guitarists in the UK.

Spanish Guitar Weddings Phoenix
Phoenix musician plays flamenco and classical guitar for weddings, business events and meetings, and private parties.

Stefan Dill
Guitarist/composer/improvisor Mustafa Stefan Dill. Musical influences include: 1) traditional flamenco, 2) "free jazz" or " free improvisation", 3) certain techniques of contemporary classical composition 4) the music of the Middle East, specifically of Arabo-Andalucian origin.


Flamenco from Canberra
(ACT) The art of Flamenco thrives all over the world, even in the most unlikely of places, such as Canberra, the national Capital of Australia ...

(Victoria) This site has lots of information about the flamenco scene in Melbourne

Guitar Downunder
Free classical and fingerstyle guitar music downloads. Hints on left and right hand technique.


BellyGrams by Maria
(flamenco page) Boulder, Colorado, USA. Maria is a professional belly dancer who is also a serious student of flamenco

Books, CDs, videos & accessories links

De Flamenco Online shop with everything flamenco

Flamenco Export Online shop with everything flamenco

Esflamenco Online shop with everything flamenco

Bonita Moda
Bonita Moda are pleased to offer a collection of quality, authentic Flamenco accessories to Flamenco enthusiasts in Australia. All of our products are imported direct from Seville and are available to order now. Don't pay international prices & postage! With Bonita Moda you pay in Australian Dollars & only pay local postage costs!

Color de Flamenco
Dresses, Skirts, Leotards, Mantones, shoes and other flamenco accessories ls, fans, shoes and other flamenco accessories

Buyout Music for Background and Production Music
Royalty free music and buyout music for production, multimedia projects, film, television, video, advertising, music on hold, and background music applications. Listen to and download music samples from our music library

Original Future Sounds
"OFS", it is a recording company located in the famous and well-known neighborhood of Triana (Seville). One of their best values is the collection "Sólo Compás", where each disk is dedicated to a "palo flamenco" and that
they have an eminently didactic character on our site! he absolute lowest price only at

Compas analysis
Flamenco Aqui
12 beat compás diagrams

Flamenco guitar trascriptions: Norman Paul Kliman
Compás analysis, falsetas, audio samples and a wealth of information about artists


Acoustic Guitars- Online Guitar Lessons
Zager EZ-Play Custom Guitars. Online guitar lessons, acoustic guitars, guitar lessons and free sample guitar lessons. We have electric guitar lessons, acoustic guitar lessons, over 300 beginner guitar lessons..

Heartwood Guitar Instruction
Seattle, Washington

La Falseta Classical & Flamenco Guitars
Fine handmade classical and flamenco guitars from some of the finest luthiers in the world

Zavaleta's. La Casa de Guitarras
Specialists in fine classical and flamenco guitars.
Carefully selected inventory of classical and flamenco guitars that are outstanding value.

Guitar Kitchen
Guitar Kitchen is a study method intended for the first 3-6 months of learning guitar. It currently consists of 12 progressive lessons that teach the beginner the basics of playing music on the guitar. There are also 3 lessons on how to play folk guitar.



Daniel Turner
Internationally-known flamenco guitar maker, specializes in the design and creation of custom-crafted instruments for guitarists, flamenco aficionados, and fine instrument collectors around the world

Pepe Vergara
Custom and handcrafted classical and flamenco guitars

Schramm Guitars
"Dave Schramm - a gifted young luthier, always experimenting"


Just Strings Musical instrument string superstore.

Strings and Beyond
A one stop shop for guitar strings and guitar accessories...

Guitar resources
Guitar Club
A website run by Willi James. Includes a forum for sharing free guitar lessons and world-wide guitar directory

Guitar Downunder
Free classical and fingerstyle guitar music downloads. Hints on left and right hand technique.

La Guitarra Flamenca
Good teaching resource for flamenco guitarists

Classical guitar sheet music offers free access to a library of free sheet music in .pdf format. The classical guitar sheet music is grouped into six periods: Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Modern and Contemporary. Each piece is accompanied by a biography of its composer ...

Peña Flamenca "El Pele"
Glasgow's Flamenco Appreciation Society

San Francisco Bay Area Flamenco
SF Flamenco is a site created by Jason Engelund, in support of the San Francisco Flamenco Community. It's intent is to collaborate with local flamenco artists, supporters and afficianados to create a non-discriminatory, comprehensive community.

Peña Flamenca de Londres
Britain's leading flamenco club, based in London, England. Peña Flamenca de Londres has been in existence since 1984



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Flamenco Foro


Sources for Flamenco Instruction Books & CDs

De Flamenco
Es Flamenco
Arte Flamenco
Flamenco World
Flamenco Export
Original Future Sounds



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