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If you are looking for quality research information about flamenco and related history for your school project you have come to the right place. But you will not find any academic gobbledygook here. The dry, academic style of your typical library books is like swallowing a dose of Valium to me. In contrast to this (because it is my nature) I speak in plain English and write in a style that is more like a fireside chat. In a way, it's also a blog of my flamenco experiences and observations.


I die a happy man

Although I never claim to be an expert on flamenco, I can go to my grave a happy and fulfilled man. Just knowing that my essays and charts have been cited in a multitude of college papers and student presentations around the world is a great privilege and honor to me.


Watch a few videos before you leave

If you have no interest in reading or research, that's cool. Why not relax a while and watch a few of my free videos. Apart from flamenco solos and lesson videos, I have thrown in some classical and fingerstyle guitar solos as well. In short, I am not a flamenco fanatic. I do have other interests. Sometimes I think I made a mistake calling this site "Sal's Flamenco Soapbox".


Flamenco and more

This reminds me of the local businesses who start off with a specific name like "Joe's Lighting Products". When they realize their customers are also asking for related products, they change their name to something like "Joe's Lighting and More".


If you are anything like me, you will have no objection to letting the mind wander a bit. I am a curious soul. If something momentarily distracts me, I like to go have a quick look before returning to the path. Nobody is waving a big stick at you either, saying you must not have other interests in life apart from flamenco. Basically, my desire is to entertain as well as inform. So I hope you can stick around a while to explore this website. I promise I won't bore you to death.


Why a soapbox?

I call it a soapbox because I freely express my opinions on flamenco, as well as a variety of other subjects. Feel free to leave a message anytime and express your opinions.


Leave you mark on my life

Leave a tip on your way out the door. This is not compulsory of course. How can it be? The Internet is such an impersonal thing. From my perspective, I have the choice of offering my work for free or charging a fee to gain access to the information. I decided it is far better to give it away in order to get some traffic coming here. I'm just letting you know that I'm not a shop or a library book, or a fancy business with lots of employees. I'm a real, individual person and I am solely responsible for the creation and maintenance of this site. As you can imagine, it all costs me money I could be using for a holiday instead.


Stop and leave you mark as someone who is prepared to stand apart from the greedy mob. Identify yourself as a real person in this frantic world of mad, fast clicking surfers who seem intoxicated by a "grab and run" mentality.



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