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Information pages relating to flamenco history



Flamenco history

An overview of the political environment in which flamenco was born

Spanish history

A look back into ancient history at the various people who populated Spain

Al Andaluz

A look at the origins of the name Andalucia

The word "flamenco"

Examining the various theories about the word's origins

The Moors

The Moors were in Spain for nearly 700 years. Who were they?

The Jews

From Biblical times up until 1492 in Spain

The Gypsies

Theories about their origins and how they came to be in Spain

The Celts

From Ancient times to the present

Domenico Scarlatti

This is a look at the harpsichord composer who spent the last 29 years in Spain until his death in 1757. The forgotten flamenco pioneer?




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