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Tab and midi links


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Flamenco tab links
TablEdit guitar archive (tef) Look in 'Folklore' section
Black Mack's TablEdit archive (tef) Scroll down to 'flamenco' collection
La Guitarra Flamenca (tef)
Flamenco tabs and Mp3s (tef) (gtp) (doc)
Le site à Mario (tef)
Marek Wojtaszek (tef) (gp3) (pdf) (gif) (ptb)
Guitar33 (Michel Dalle Ave) (tef)
Paco de Lucia tabs (txt) Hint. Plain text tabs do not translate well in Tabledit. Try importing the midis. (gtp) (gp3) Click on the 'Gitaristen' link.
The Classical Guitar and Flamenco Guitar Page (gif)
Norman Paul Kliman (gif) - falsetas and tutorials
Flamenco World (jpg)

General tab archive links
Tabledit tabs archive (tef)
Black Mack's archive(tef)
F.G.R.C. (tef)
Chet Atkins tabs (tef)
Dirk's guitar page - Classical, latin, modern, pop(tef) (pdf)
Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar (tef)
Hervé Escourolle's Beatles tabs (tef)
TaBazar (tbt)
Guitar tabs and midis links (tef) (gp3) (pdf)
Italian f ingerstyle guitarist Giovanni Pelosi - Tabs including some good Beatles arrangements(tef)
Chat Bada Music's pages - A nice collection of jazz, blues and popular songs with midis (tef)




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